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25 Ways to Bond with Your Newborn

by Rebecca Eanes

Building a secure connection with your newborn is extremely important. However, bonding with your newborn isn’t always an instant, magical occurrence. While some parents are flooded with love immediately, for others, the bond takes time to grow, and that could be due to all sorts of factors such as a traumatic birth, medical issues, or postpartum depression.

If it takes a while, that’s okay as long as you’re meeting your baby’s basic needs. Trust that it will happen over time and try not to stress about it. Here are 25 ways to facilitate that bond.

1. Provide lots of skin to skin contact.

Remember that being a part of you is all she’s known. Cuddling skin to skin is soothing for both baby and you.

2. Read books.

He won’t understand the story, but he’ll love listening to your voice.

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3. Sing him a lullaby.

4. Talk to her during diaper changes.

5. Smile at her often.

6. Rock him to sleep.

7. Feed your baby often.

Breastfeeding is a great way to bond and to meet his needs, so do it often.

8. If you choose to bottle feed, don’t prop the bottle.

Hold him close, stroke his head, and make eye contact.

9. Provide eye contact frequently.

10. Touch is important.

Try gently rubbing her back and belly, stroking her head softly, and carefully massaging her arms and legs.

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