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4 Winter Holiday Tips for New Moms

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Many new moms feel stressed, insecure, and exhausted with the transition to caring for a new baby – which is why WaterWipes is offering 4 tips that show new Moms how to keep routines consistent and streamlined during the hectic holiday season.

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1. Give Some Thought to Travel

We all love to think about going “home for the holidays,” but air travel this time of year can be a significant challenge with a new baby – with delays, winter weather, and more. Having family visit you and the baby may be a better plan.

2. Manage the Gift-Giving Madness

Even if you live for holiday shopping, this may not be the year for marathon shopping trips searching for the perfect gift. Give yourself a break. Try doing the bulk of your gift shopping online or think about opting for family gifts instead of individual presents.

3. Keep Baby Care Consistent

The WaterWipes “Pure Love” video has demonstrated the benefits of skin-to-skin contact to more than 14.5 million viewers since its debut, and skin-to-skin can easily be continued even during the hectic holidays. If you have been using the practice with your infant, try to stay consistent. Use skin-to-skin before nap and nighttime, around bath time, and after diapering to get the most out of your natural ability to soothe your baby.

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4. Ease Up on Holiday Prep

While you may want to create the Pinterest-perfect holiday celebration, it’s a guaranteed way to stress yourself out. This year, look for ways to streamline holiday prep, such as considering a potluck buffet instead of a sit-down dinner, or using store-bought items instead of cooking from scratch.

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