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A pregnant woman’s views on maternity leave

We recently sat down with Karine, a mama pregnant with her second child.

1.Talk to us about your family.

I’m a mom of an 8 year old little girl and about to give birth to our second child anytime now.
My husband and had our first child in the United States and will be welcoming our new addition in our home country of Canada.

2. How will this be different for you?

First, we are now closer to family so we know we will have the extra support that was missing with our first born. But also, I’m excited to actually get a year of mat leave for this one. My husband will also take paternity leave.
When my first daughter was born I had to return to work after a short 6 weeks of leave.

3. What are the biggest struggles of a short maternity leave?

For me, I was not ready at all to go back to work after 6 weeks of giving birth. Who is really? I was barely sleeping and did not have enough time to properly find my role as a mother. I was basically an emotional mess. I still feel today like I was robbed of precious times with my newborn baby.
I also think my employer gained nothing out of having me back at work as my production level was barely there.

4. How have you been feeling during this second pregnancy?

It’s not even comparable to being pregnant the first time. We waited years to have a second baby as I did not want to live that scenario again. When we moved back home to Canada last year I felt it was the right time and place to give our daughter a sibling.
I don’t have to stress about mastering breastfeeding in a mater of weeks. I don’t have to stress about finding a daycare for a newborn, because that was nearly impossible really. It feels like  I don’t have to stress at all. I’ve embraced this pregnancy 100% more by eliminating the stress of having to return to work after a very short maternity leave.

What’s your advice to other women who won’t have the luxury of being offered a long maternity leave?

I would say to try to mentally prepare yourself. Leaving a newborn to be cared for by someone else than their parents is hard. It’s a pain I had never experienced before. If you can, save up vacation time to add to your ‘maternity leave’.
The more time you spend bonding with your new baby the better. And don’t over due it, the cooking the laundry that can all wait. Take care of your baby and take care of YOU. Mentally and physically.

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