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Beach Babies

by Jennifer McLaughlin

Take Your Baby to the Beach

There are so many reasons the beach is a great destination for your family! No matter the age range of your kiddos, get your beach on and enjoy the sand, sun and surf!

Of course, there are some precautions to take, but most importantly, the beach is a beautiful getaway where you can explore, learn, relax and benefit from all the many wonders of the ocean.

Beach Day Must-Haves and Toddler Activities:

1. Sun Protection - A must for children and adults alike, choose a sunscreen that is safe and gentle for your skin type, offers an amount of SPF of at least 30 and is labeled as a Broad-spectrum formula that covers both UVA and UVB rays. Studies show that children need some direct sunlight, 10-15 minutes a day depending on skin tone, for Vitamin D absorption. So while you're at the beach, kids can benefit from the safe time in the sunlight they get right before you apply your sunscreen and hit the water!

Our top pick is Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+. The debate is still out for babies under 6 months and the use of sunscreen. One Part Sunshine has some great info and tips for Babies and Sunscreen.

Wearing protecting clothing like hats, long sleeves and sunglasses are also an option for beach days. There are definitely some cute surf shirts and swimsuits available that you and the kids will love. Check out these adorable items from Hurley Kids!

Any day at the beach will have sun, even on the cloudiest days. Provide shade and shelter for lunch time, relax time and for when the kids get too tired to play! We love this Shade Shack Portable Beach Tent, roomy enough for two adults and a child with an open floor, where your little one can play in the sand while being protected from the wind and sun. For an individual sized tent with built in SPF 30, we love this Seaside Beach Cabana Tent.

Check out Huffington Post's 8 Reasons to Take Babies to the Beach!

Baby Boy at the Beach

2. Beach Essentials - No beach day is complete without building a sandcastle! While you may dread carrying a ton of stuff down to the water's edge, be sure to bring some of these items with you to ensure an amazing time is had for all!

First of all, you will need a wagon or a cooler with wheels! Even if you plan to pack light, most beaches require you to walk a short distance from parking to sand. Why struggle to carry everything you need? If your stroller can roll through sand easily, pack that up too, it doubles as a cart and a nap time vehicle when the day is over!

Pack up your Beach Bag and bring snacks, toys, water bottles, a beach ball or two and your beach towels. And don't forget the Baby Powder! A little travel size bottle will take off all the sand from your feet, and keep the car as sand free as possible! Make sure you also bring a wet bag. You don't need anything fancy, a grocery bag will do, but you will want to put wet towels and clothes somewhere!

For playtime toys we love Packable Pails! These collapsable buckets are great for building a sandcastle, toting your other toys and items and once you're done with them they stow away easily.

Let the kids pick a few beach worthy toys they want to bring along, or buy some at the store. We suggest getting them BEFORE you hit the beach. Shops along the boardwalk will most likely up-charge for simple items like a shovel and why waste your money for something that might get lost! We also love this idea for storing and carrying those toys to and from the sand.

There are literally thousands of swim suits and beach wear for the kiddos. Make sure you choose items that fit well and will hold up for many beach trips. For the babies, we suggest a reusable swim diaper, for the big kids, choose a bright fun rash guard! 

Mom and Baby at the Beach

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