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Do Away with Diaper Rash

by Sarah Lyons

As parents we do everything in our power to avoid putting our little ones in any pain or discomfort. While even the most diligent parent has to deal with diaper rash in the early years, knowing the common culprits and how to treat it can significantly reduce the frequency of pain and discomfort.

Common Culprits of Diaper Rash

Culprit # 1: Infrequent Diaper Changes

We have the best intentions when it comes to changing our babies but sometimes things happen and that wet diaper stays on a little too long causing red, sore, irritated skin. Even the most absorbent diaper can allow wetness to touch the skin, which can leave baby’s bottom red and irritated.

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Culprit # 2: Yeast Infection

The diaper area is warm and moist, making it easy for bacterial infections, like yeast, to grow and flourish. Yeast passes through the child’s digestive system and eventually lands in the diaper next to the warm damp skin. This can result in a rash in the folds of the skin. Regular diaper creams won’t improve this type of rash. It’s best to speak to your doctor about treatment, which may include an antifungal cream.

Culprit # 3: Allergies or Sensitivities

If you’re dealing with a persistent diaper rash, it’s possible that your baby is sensitive to the brand of diapers or wipes you’re using. Your child could also have an allergy to a new food that is causing loose stools, which in turn leads to additional irritation and wetness in the diaper area. With some trial and error you may be able to narrow down the cause and cure of the rash.

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