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First time mother talks about being pregnant during a pandemic

1. This is your first pregnancy. Congratulations! How as your pregnancy journey been?

Personally, I’m feeling amazing. I feel very blessed to be experiencing a healthy pregnancy. I never even had to deal with morning sickness. I’ve also had the luxury to be working from home because of Covid so that by itself as helped me. I’ve been less exposed to germs and even get more sleep as my usual long commute to work was completely eliminated.

2. Did anything change in your pregnancy because of Covid?

Working from home was the biggest change but turned out to be a positive. But also, fear and anxiety is more present. Every time I go to my doc appointments I get a bit of anxiety. I’m scared I’ll come in contact with the virus and it saddens me that my partner is now not allowed to experience the appointments with me, especially the ultrasounds. But the medical staff have been amazing. They go out of their way to make everyone feel safe. They’ve even allowed to FaceTime with my partner and even my parents during my last ultrasound. That meant a lot to all of us. My baby shower also had to be canceled and that was a bummer but we are now planning to have a very special meet and greet once the baby is here and everything is safe.

3. Will your partner be able to attend the birth?

Fortunately yes, in our area restrictions have lessened and he will be able to be there with me. However we will not be allowed any visitors. I’m very close to my parents and sister and I wish they could meet their new granddaughter/ niece as soon as she’s here but it won’t be possible.
But again, there’s always FaceTime!

4. What do you look more forward to in your motherhood journey?

Everything! I work with kids and I think they are so special. I can’t wait to meet our daughter, see what she looks like, watch her grow and develop her own personality. We love her so much already.

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