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Having A Virtual Baby Shower

We recently talked with Alice, mother of 4 year old daughter Zoe and newborn son:

Alice you had a different pregnancy than your first due to the pandemic.

Yes. I would definitely agree to highlight the word ‘different’. We found out we were pregnant right before the the pandemic started. It’s been such strange times. My husband and older daughter were not able to attend any ultrasounds and it’s something we had been looking forward to as a family.

You mentioned that your family organized a virtual baby shower?

We were actually not planning to have a baby shower this time around but when we found out we were having a boy- it will be the first boy on both side of our families everyone decided we needed to throw a party. Beside what else was there to do during quarantine?

How does a virtual party work?

It was so well organized and super fun. (thanks sis!) Almost our entire family joined via zoom. I think we had over 30 people connected. We had done a small registry online and much appreciated gifts were sent to us prior to the shower day and we opened them during the virtual party. My daughter was in charge of opening the gifts so it was a great way to have her involved. A delivery of ‘It’s a Boy cookies, balloons and bouquet off flowers was also arranged to be delivered to us during the party making us feel very special and loved.

Did you get to play any shower games on this online party?

While we could not do some of the classic game options like decorating onesies and guessing what kind of candy bar is smashed in a diaper, and I was actually kind of glad about that (lol)  we still kept everyone entertained with more trivia-based games. We really enjoyed everything and it reminded us that even if we are in the middle of a pandemic and things are different we are very blessed to have such a wonderful loving family and of course our health.




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