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“Make every moment with your baby the best it can be”

Better Family's quest is to make parenting easier for all with our patented line of products.

Better Family offers patented baby products that make the lives of parents and babies easier. Swabbies, a no mess, organic diaper cream, the Beebo, a free-handed baby feeder, Drop It Baby, a suction cup ring chain that ends "the drop it game", and Ava the Elephant, a singing medicine dispenser. These products enhance and improve the parents time spent with their children.  Erotik film izle
Two of our patented products the Beebo and Ava The Elephant have both appeared on shark Tank and received deals.
The Beebo is a free-hand bottle holder that gives parents an extra hand, all the while enhancing feeding time. This newfound flexibility makes way for parents to integrate Storytime into these intimate moments, enjoy family meals, or simply a helping hand to massage and caress their baby.

Swabbies is an organic all-natural diaper cream — we know how important it is to know exactly what goes into your baby’s products, so we took the mystery out of diaper cream. Swabbies is totally organic and works instantly to provide soothing relief for your little one.

Drop It Baby-A suction cup ring chain that attaches to toys, bottles, and more that finally ends the "Drop It Game" keeping it all off dirty floors.

Ava The Elephant- is a singing medicine dispenser that has helped millions of children take their unwanted medicine.
Today's Modern Parents are working from home more now than ever and are in need of smarter baby care products for enhancing the time spent with their children.

Parents want to know the ingredients and materials that their baby products are made of.  

Better Family Inc. is an incubator company to speed the growth of its current portfolio of 4 Patented Baby Products. Their parent-focused products have been invented by parents for parents by providing simple solutions that they commonly face every day. All provide a “freehand” or provide a “helping hand” to the parent, grandparent, or caregiver.

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