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Meet Helene. First pregnancy.

Meet This Mama: Helene. First pregnancy.

1. How far along are you in your pregnancy?

- I am 36 weeks; due date is November 7th so just around the corner. We were also excited to find out that and we are expecting a baby boy.

2. How would you describe your pregnancy so far?

- I am blessed to have a super healthy pregnancy. Didn’t have any complications so far and continued my daily activities throughout. I strongly believe living an active life is important and I was able to keep active everyday. 

Since I’m an ICU nurse, I was working during the Covid-19 pandemic until last week. It was kind of stressful at times because of all the uncertainties, but we were lucky enough (in the area where we live) to contain the virus the best we could and lower the number of admission to the hospital. 

3. Have have you been preparing for the arrival of this little boy? 

- Here in Canada we are fortunate to be able to be offered a long maternity leave. It’s not rare to take up to 18 months. I’m currently on my first week of maternity leave to focus on finishing the little things around the house.

Finishing the nursery and meal prepping is my main focus, and of course trying to relax( which is hard for me to do) haha

4. As a soon to be new mama, what are you looking forward to the most?

- As a new mom to be, I can’t wait to just indulge in the motherhood role & learn from this little human. Of course all the cuddles will also be welcome.

Since Covid-19 forced us to isolate and restrict our travel plans the last few months, I can’t wait to return to a somewhat normal life and be able to explore with my little one. 

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