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Meet Hilary: Mom of two and high risk pregnancy nurse

Meet this Mama - Hilary...Mom of two and high risk pregnancy nurse.

Q: Hilary, how is it working with pregnant mama’s on a daily basis?

I’m a RN and work at a high risk pregnancy center. So I talk babies all day. I could not imagine doing anything else. I love my job and have a major passion for everything that is related to pregnancy. Some days can be exhausting but most days are very rewarding.

Q: What are some common pregnancy fears coming from your patients?

The patients that are referred to us usually have an added stress or fears regarding their pregnancy due to being high risk, but some are just have funny concerns.

Q: What kind of concerns? We want to hear the funny stories!

The most common funny concern is “Will I crush my baby?” Just today, I had a newly pregnant mama say to me, “Hilary I’m always afraid I’m going to roll onto my stomach while  sleeping and crush my baby!” It makes me laugh and I find it cute.

Q: What do you usually reply to something like this?

I always say “you can relax! your body naturally protects your growing baby. In the early stages of pregnancy, it’s actually safe to sleep on your stomach. Once your belly (and baby!) starts to grow, it won’t be comfortable, or even possible, to lie for long periods on your stomach anyway, so chances are, you’ll change positions in your sleep long before you could do any harm to baby.”

Q: Outside of work you are a mother of two, how do you juggle it all?

To be honest, I have a hard time at it. I also happen to be a single mom so things are pretty hectic. Thankfully I have my parents nearby and they help me a lot. I start work at 7am so I often have to leave the house before my girls are even up. My mom comes over every morning to help with them and I’m super grateful for that. When I get home from a long day I fully focus on my girls and make sure we have some great quality time together.


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