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Meet Lisa, mom of 2!

Meet Lisa, mom of 2. – MOM of teenager and newborn.

Lisa, you recently gave birth to a baby boy. Talk to us about your family.

Yes, we welcomed baby Connor earlier this summer. It’s been an adjustment for us as our daughter is 13 so we had been out of diapers for years. Wow, That’s definitely a change.

Major change but we would not have it any other way. We truly feel that our family is complete now with the arrival of our son. It’s been incredible to witness the sibling bond that my daughter and son share together.

What made you decide to expand your family after all those years?

My husband I are high school sweet hearts. We got married and started our family right after we go out of college. So we were basically raising a child while starting new careers and learning to be husband and wife. It was a lot to juggle. At the time a family of 3 was the right fit for us. A few years ago, we brought up the idea of expanding our family and it took us awhile to get pregnant. We started looking into adopting and shortly after I found out I was expecting.

We were all so thrilled.

How was this pregnancy different from your first?

It was different in so many ways. The first time around I was younger and less tired. Lol In all seriousness, I enjoyed my second pregnancy a lot more. I felt more ready to be a mom. I felt more grounded and financially more secured. We also made the decision that I would stay home for the time being as our oldest is now doing school virtually so overall I also feel more present.

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