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Meet Momtrepreneur Cindy!

My Husband of 6 years, Grant, and I are parents to Liam, 3, Pippa, 2, and our fur-baby, Jersey.

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On top of being a mom, you're an entrepreneur! Tell us about your business. 

Baby Birds Design Co. is my passion and creative outlet after being a Mom and Wife. I design and make luxury baby, family, and household items, which are eco-friendly and help make homes more sustainable and eco-conscious. 


Where did your business idea come from? 

I have always had the desire to create over the years. I met a neighbor who had sewn her entire life; through many projects together, I learned the in and outs of using a sewing machine. It was therapy to have an outlet again after having kids.  It evolved from making my own burp cloths for my daughter and pants for my son, to wanting to make luxury products, not just for my kids but for my eco-friendly home as well.


Did you always want to be a mom entrepreneur? 

I was a part of the corporate world for 10 years and had a career change to become a teacher prior to having my kids. I grew a desire to help and support others instead of helping corporate bottom lines and revenues.  After our first child, I still had the desire to be even more environmentally conscious and financially efficient.  One thing led to another and I saw an opportunity to start my own business and fill a niche that I felt would benefit from my products.


How do you juggle your time between your kids, being a wife and a business owner? 

The struggle is real!  I am a mom and wife, first and foremost, and it is tough to juggle between wearing all 3 hats. I have early mornings to get in a few hours of work before it's time for everyone to wake up and I end the day with alone time with Grant or working on my business…sometimes both because he helps me.  It takes communication between my husband and I. He is loving and supportive, and not afraid to be in the thick of it with me; whether it's helping me with the kids or with the business.  We check-in regularly to compare schedules, and the needs for Baby Birds Design Co.  Some days it’s perfectly balanced and others it’s skewed; but it always works in the end.


What advise would you give to moms who want to launch their own business?

Find ways for your children to be a part of what you are doing. Sometimes it’s a floor picnic while I’m sewing, other times it’s making an obstacle course out for their cars and trucks from my scrap materials. Know when to take a break, sometimes you just have to put the work down and “be present” with your family and come back to it when you can devote your full attention.

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