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Meet this Mama - Natalie

Meet Natalie...A mama who’s pregnant with her third child shares tip for first time pregnancy.

This is you third pregnancy, how is it different compared to your first one?

I feel that in my first pregnancy I had a mixture of fear and excitement. But the fear shadowed the excitement a lot. I don’t think I fully enjoyed it to the fullest. Not like my second or this one.

What advice would you share for a mama’s first pregnancy?

Get off google! I must of spend hundreds of hours googling random questions about and every symptom I thought I had. It did nothing but create more fear. Find a reputable source of info and sign up for those weekly updates and limit yourself to one or two social media mom group. Too much info is not always good.

What else did you ease on during your second and third pregnancy?

Maternity clothes. One mistake I made my first time around the pregnancy block was expecting that the maternity clothes I purchased in the second trimester would fit by the end of the third. In my second pregnancy, I tried to compensate for this mistake by buying clothes that were slightly too big in the hopes they’d last all the way to the end.

This time around, I’ve attempted not to spend a fortune by borrowing some clothing from friends.

What would be your best tip for labor?

Get the epidural! lol But really, I would day be as rested as you possibly can be. Labor is hard work and it can be a long process and the more energy you have the better.


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