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Meet This Mama: Premature Birth and NICU Experience

We met with Nicole, mother of 2 year old Emma, to talk about her premature birth experience.

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How far along were you in your pregnancy when you went into labor? 

Emma was born at 29 weeks gestation (11 weeks early). It was very unexpected; I was having a great pregnancy with no health issues.

How was the experience of delivering prematurely?

At first, we were scared. We wanted our baby healthy and to survive! Emma was rushed  to the NICU minutes after she was born so I got to see her but not to hold her. One of the hardest moments was when I was discharged from the hospital, and we weren’t bringing our baby home just yet. Emma stayed in hospital 39 days and we would visit her 2 to 3 times a day. Every little milestone was exciting! 

Do you think this experience changed you as a parent? 

Having my daughter has changed me as a person; it has made me stronger! It has also taught me how to be more patient and to accept that sometimes, things that are out of my control and I just need to go with the flow. 

How is Emma now? 

She is healthy, energetic, creative, curious and loves trying new things.

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