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Raising a Blended Family

We recently met with Gina, a mama navigating life with a blended family.

Q: Gina, talk to us about your family.

A: We are a blended family. My husband has two older kids from a previous relationship, together we have our two year old daughter Sophie and we are expecting a baby in February.

Q:Do you know what you are expecting?

A: We are keeping it a mystery this time. We thought it would be a nice surprise to find out at birth. We’re hoping for a boy but a healthy baby is really what matters the most.

Q: You mentioned being a blended family, how’s that dynamic?

A: I feel lucky to be a bonus mom to my husbands children. But the relationship we have now definitely did not happen over night. We had to go trough many adjustments and learning phases to get where we are today. Casibom

Q: Any tips to other parents experiencing a similar situation?

A: Everyone needs to get to know each other first. Love and affection take time to develop. Give it the time it deserves and everything will fall together naturally. Communication is key. The way a blended family communicates says a lot about its success. We’re not the prefect extended blended family but we try for the children. They always come first!

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