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Raising Your Baby Bilingual

We recently met with Cynthia, a mama who is raising her child Bilingual.

Q: Talk to us about your family.

A: We are a small but mighty family of 3! Dad Remi, Mom Cynthia and Sophie is our beautiful daughter, she is 6 yrs old.

Q: You’re raising your child bilingual (that’s wonderful) what language does he/ she speak?

A: Our daughter is fully bilingual in French & English. Q: What is spoken most in your home?

A: Our main language is French and that’s what we speak in the home. We all speak both languages intermittently since all our surrounding friends speak english.

Q: Was it challenging to find a (language) school?

A: For us, it was very important that Sophie had a fully French education. We are very fortunate that there are 2 great French School districts in our area. Sophie is often commended on her use of French since most families going to the school raise their kids in English. We actually did all our daycare education in English and transitioned to a Full French program in Preschool!

Q: What would you say are the biggest challenges you have faced?

A: Our biggest challenge is probably the television. Most shows on Disney Plus
or Netflix are English and they are getting better at doing French versions. But since we have been Quarantined, there is a bit more English watching than usual. Our goal is not to speak ONLY French but to master 2 great languages she can speak/read/write and hopefully learn more of them as she grows up.

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