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Sinkboss is a portable, all-in-one device that turns the sink environment into a sanitary washing and drying environment. Sinkboss has an issued US Utility Patent, and offers the only complete sanitary and space-saving solution for washing and drying baby bottles and other kitchenware at home or while traveling. Sinkboss is ideal for mothers who work and need to clean breast pump equipment in the workplace.

Sinkboss was invented by a Physician Assistant and mother to 3 kids who found it to be problematic to wash and dry baby bottles in the hotel bathroom environment while traveling.


Sinkboss is a washing rack that is placed directly onto the sink and forms a physical barrier between the possibly contaminated sink basin and the items being washed. Sinkboss is a drying rack that holds a variety of items on it's side trays, spike trays, and directly in the colander. It can be placed on the countertop or hung from a variety of overhead or adjacent structures with the use of its adjustable hook & strap system!

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