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Staying Healthy During & After Pregnancy

We recently sat with a new mama of a 5 month old boy, Marikate, and discussed her experience with her healthy pregnancy journey. If you’re expecting, good nutrition and exercise is essential for your developing baby and for your own health. Here are simple tips for not only surviving but thriving.

Q: What’s a tip you can give other moms on eating healthy?

A: Plan simple meals for the week. As a working mom, meal prep is essential to staying on track and proper nutrition. Look online or pinterest for meal ideas!

Q: How do you fit in time to workout with a newborn?

A: I found my tribe! My husband, family, or friends watch the baby so I can take that hour a day for myself. You can also incorporate your baby in your workouts, for example use your stroller to go for a walk or jog in your neighborhood or at a park, or stretch out on the floor with baby while you both work on your tummy muscles. Erotik film izle

Q: Besides exercise and nutrition, what's another tip you have for expecting and new moms to stay on top of their game?

A: REST! Give yourself a break, and I don’t just mean physically. I’m talking emotionally and mentally, too.

Q: How do you deal with the social media pressures to “snap back” after baby?

A: I remind myself that influencers have filters, photoshop, trainers, chefs and surgery. I stay present in the moment of my own journey. Relax, discover new activities, enjoy the experience and have fun along the way!

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