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Teething: Do’s and Don’ts

by Allie Garcia

Teething can be one of the most trying times of early parenting - but it doesn’t have to be! There are tried and true methods all over the internet for relieving teething pain, many of which come from doctors or are basic, textbook solutions. When my 6 month old began sprouting her first tooth, I tried all sorts of trips and tricks. As I write this, she is sleeping soundly in the next room and cutting her third molar! I have finally figured out a few (slightly unconventional) things that have made teething a milestone that someday I will not look back on with disdain!

DO try out an Amber teething necklace:

This has done wonders for my little girl. There is a noticeable difference if we take the necklace off and forget to put it back on. The science behind the necklace is that amber releases into the skin and acts as a natural analgesic. It is recommended that the amber necklace be taken off during bath or pool time and at night (it can be wrapped around their ankle and have a sock placed over it).


DO stash away some boobsicles:

I felt so proud of myself when I invented this brilliant solution. As it turns out, thousands of moms all over Pinterest had already had the same idea. Frozen breastmilk is great for infant teethers. My little one liked to have a small chunk placed into a mesh feeder so that she could suck on it while sitting in her high chair. It was entertaining enough to take her mind off of her teeth, provided her with nutrients, and brought some relief to her achey front gums.

DO buy a rubber toothbrush:

It is recommended that even the newest teeth are brushed daily. The rubber bristled toothbrushes are fun and soothing for drooling, teething, babes. It also may help give a head start in practicing daily dental hygiene. Other teething rings, made for teething, may also be helpful to have on hand.

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