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The Door Guardian name means Extra Safety, Extra Security, Extra Peace of Mind

For more than 25 years, Meranto Technology has designed and patented a line of revolutionary door latches, locks, and home safety devices for windows, doors (inside, outside, and patio sliders), cabinets and cupboards even refrigerators under The Door Guardian name.

The Door Guardian quickly became and remained a respected and highly sought-after brand for parents and caregivers alike. The Door Guardian products are versatile and easy to install with only the included 3M tape needed to provide incredible child safety.

The Door Guardian name means Extra Safety, Extra Security, Extra Peace of Mind.

The Door Guardian products are favourites amongst consumers and locksmiths alike because they’re cost-effective (all of their products retail for less than the cost of a couple of hours with a babysitter), they work unlike any other lock due to their patented design, and do exactly what you need them to: Keep you and your family safe!

The Door Guardian: The original Door Guardian lock is an effective solution in securing and reinforcing exterior doors. With the capability to be applied on front doors, side doors, back doors, garage door entrances and balcony doors. The Door Guardian is an effective tool in providing quick and easy childproofing solutions.

The Patio Door Guardian: With the three most common means of entering a locked patio door being prying, lifting and breaking the glass, The Patio Door Guardian protects against those by installing on patio doors with the fixed door on the outside and the sliding door on the inside.

The Door Guardian Locks for Inswinging and Outswinging Doors: Safeguard your family and your home with The Door Guardian Locks for Inswinging and Outswinging Doors. They install easily with 3M VHB tape or screws and effectively secure inswing and outswing double doors. They have included a childproofing safety insert for additional peace of mind, preventing children from opening the lock without the key. You can rest easy knowing you’re safe and secure.

To learn more about Meranto Technology, their Door Guardian products, as well as their 25+ years of experience in providing safety and security excellence, visit them at or email them at to place an order.


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