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Austin Tie Dye Co. is the only company in the country making tie dyed blankets that are hand-tied, hand-dyed, and hand-packed. Whether you're looking for a a bright and playful blanket for baby's nursery or a calming pastel tone, they've got it. And regardless of your choice in hue, each single layer blanket is made with rayon from bamboo muslin that's buttery soft.

If you've already got a swaddling blanket on your registry, consider getting one in a child or adult-size. Yup, they're so popular with the little ones that Austin Tie Dye Co. started making the comfy blankets for grown ups too!

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More one-of-a-kind items for babies and mamas to give you some ideas for that year end wish list!

The Complete Baby Maternity Wish List is at the end, so be sure to check it out!

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