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Woombie's Hip Healthy Design Make It A Baby Sleep Necessity

Woombie's hip healthy design, effectiveness and ease of use make it a baby sleep necessity!

Woombie's patented design has won over 15 awards for design and innovation and has streamlined issues such as infant Startling, face scratching, healthy hip movement and overall "stay" power. With over a million babies and parents sleeping better, Woombie has grown to become one of the top baby brands in the world.

WoombieThe Woombie was designed by a RN & Certified Infant Care Specialist, providing a safe & comfortable swaddle for your baby. Gently hugging the shoulders & tummy, the Woombie allows for natural movement of the arms, legs and hips with the signature bebeflex® fabric and sleepINNOVATION® system.

Woombie softly cocoons baby without restricting motion or mobility.

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