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12 Creative Ways To Track Your Pregnancy

by Jenna Gleason

From the moment you find out that a little being is growing inside of you, documenting the experience will be on your mind. Seeing how your body changes is amazing; not just for yourself, but for family and friends and of course for your little one to see when they grow up.

Here are 12 creative ways to track your pregnancy! 

1) By using the same backdrop, this Pregnancy Photo Collage showcases the belly transition all the way into childhood! See more at!

2) From pregnancy to newborn, this photo captures the beauty of motherhood. As seen on

3) Track your belly bump journey from start to finish! The black and white motif also adds some style! More here!


4) By using a charming bow and scrapbook paper, your pregnancy photos pop! View more at this blogger's page here!

5) Pregnant during the holidays? Use that to your advantage as you track your progress! Check More Out Here!

6) Before and after photo shoot! Found on

Pregnancy Photo 

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