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Baby Shower Alternatives

Expectant parents across the country are putting new spins on the traditional baby shower. As the party planning experts from Evite explain, approximately 75% of baby shower invitations sent in 2015 included general baby shower themes. The other 25% ranged from second baby celebrations to co-ed parties.

If you want to hold an unconventional party this baby shower season, check out the ideas used by new parents in 2015. 

Baby Sprinkle

Traditionally, baby showers were only held for the first child, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the latest addition to your brood in similar fashion. To host a baby sprinkle, a more intimate version of a shower, keep your guest list and gift registry as modest as possible.

Gender Reveal

With the abundance of gender-neutral nursery items and baby clothes available, it’s super easy to shop and plan your registry without knowing the gender of your baby. At a gender reveal party, soon-to-be parents find out at the same time as their shower guests.

Sip & See

A sip & see is another one that works best for seasoned parents. After the baby is born, friends can drop by over the course of few hours to sip champagne (or mimosas!) and meet the new baby for an open house-style event.

Man Shower/Daddy Diaper Party

For the modern daddy, this gathering is similar to a bachelor party before a wedding. For a daddy diaper party, guests can bring a package of diapers or other daddy-friendly parenting products.

Inclusive Baby Shower

Showers are normally a ladies-only event, but with so much of our lives being integrated, why shouldn’t showers be, too? Keep your men and women guests in mind when you plan for drinks and activities.

When planning your alternative shower event, don’t be afraid to try new things. There’s no right way to raise a child, and there’s no right way to welcome a baby into this world, either.

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