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Reclaiming Myself: 10 Goals to Tackle

by Rachael Moshman

Goals to Reclaim Ourselves

2. Get a solid night of sleep sometime in the next month.  

Sleep is so important for overall health and well being.  I don't think I've had a great night of sleep since becoming a mother - except for on those rare occasions I'm away from home without child.  Even a sleep study felt like a luxury vacation!  You need sleep so you can feel your best to tackle your goals. 

Send the little ones to grandma's or leave everyone at home with dad and check yourself into a hotel for the night. Get some precious sleep.

3. Do something that makes you feel pretty each morning.  

Put on your favorite earrings, red lipstick or dab of perfume. Sometimes brushing my teeth is all I can manage, so I like to use a fancy pink grapefruit toothpaste (that I just happened to get a ton of free at a blogging conference). 

Start the day off doing something special just for you before you start being torn a million different directions. You are worth it.

4. Eat something you like.  

Note, I didn't say try to get your kid to like it.  I love kielbasa.  My family complains about even the smell of it.  I'm going to make a big skillet of turkey kielbasa with sauerkraut this weekend.  For me. 

Because I deserve to cater to myself sometimes and so do you.

5. Learn about something that interests you.  

It's okay if it's wine, chocolate or even Harry Styles - no judgement here! Take some time to explore an interest and widen your mental horizons.

6. Plan a vacation.

Even if you don't have the time or funds to go on the vacation. Research shows just planning the vacation is relaxing. So where would you like to go on this imaginary getaway?  I'm going to double dip with #5 here and learn about Caribbean all inclusive resorts.

7. Purge a drawer or shelf.  

My house has gotten so cluttered. Just the thought of tackling it is overwhelming. But I can do a drawer or shelf at a time. Put on some music and take a few minutes to tackle that junk drawer or one rack of your closet. Sort into keep, toss and donate piles. Get that section in order and move on to another next time.

8. Move your body more.  

Exercise is good for body and mind. A gym membership, personal trainer or large chunk of time aren't necessary, though. 

Just commit to move more. 

  • Dance while you make dinner. 
  • Do some yoga stretches.
  • Invite friends to meet at the park for a walk. 

I love doing exercise DVDs in the living room with my daughter.  I've gotten out of habit, but it's one of my top New Year's goals because I know movement makes me feel better in every way.

9. Give your phone a bedtime. 

I spend way too much time on my phone scrolling through social media, shopping for things I don't need or Googling random topics. A bed time for my phone means more true relaxation and an earlier bedtime for me. 

Who is with me?  When should our devices go to bed? I'm thinking 7 p.m.

10. Take yourself on a date.

Find someone else to care for the kids for the afternoon and spend a few hours on you.  Go to a bookstore.  Get a pedicure.  See a movie.  Whatever it is you like to do.  Be a great date to yourself.

These are little goals that might just lead to big positive changes.  Aren't they so much less daunting then New Year's Resolutions?  Join me! Pick one of these New Year's Goals to work on at a time - or implement your own.

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Rachael Moshman is a mom, blogger, freelance writer and family advocate. She loves pizza, pink and thrift shopping. Find her on Twitter.

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