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Sometimes Life is a Little Easier with a Busy Baby!

The Busy Baby line of products are Mom-invented and designed to make life a little easier with a busy baby.   The company is family-owned and operated by an Army veteran-brother/sister team in Minnesota.  Beth, the mom who invented these products was even featured on Shark Tank!


Our hero products are the first-ever placemat and tether system to stop babies from dropping and throwing their toys! The Busy Baby Mat and Mini Mat suction to highchair trays or restaurant tables and have a patented tether system that you can use to hook up any of baby's favorite toys.  They stick wherever suction cups can stick so you can use them to keep toys within reach and off the floor in a variety of places beyond the tabletop - on a window, in the bathtub...they even wrap around handles (hello gross shopping cart handle) and the suction cups stick to each other!

The Busy Baby Teether and Training Spoon works great as a teether but is also perfectly designed to attach to the Busy Baby Mat so babies can practice self-feeding without repeatedly dropping their spoon, getting baby food splatter all over the floor!  

The Bottle Bungee keeps those bottles and sippy cups off the floor too.  The Bottle and Toy Bungees work great on the mat but can be used almost anywhere you go with your Busy Baby on their own by wrapping them around a stroller, car seat, or other handles.

But what about baby’s development?  
Don’t they need to drop things to learn about cause and effect?  YES!  That’s why the Busy Baby Products are so great! They get to drop over and over again.  First, they learn about object permanence; that the object is still there even though they can’t see it.  Then they increase their visual tracking skills by following the tether to where the toy has fallen.  Finally, they get to practice problem solving and persistence to get their toy back.  All of this also has them working on fine motor skills throughout!  
Using the non-slip mat for food and attaching the teething spoon when feeding purees, aids in self-feeding skill development and builds confidence in independent eating.  
Placing the mat on a vertical surface at a sitting or standing height encourages baby to engage longer and build those gross motor skills too!
Check out our blog at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @busybabymat to see more uses and benefits to using the Busy Baby line of products.
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