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The Pregnancy Journey

From the moment you begin to dream of becoming pregnant, even in the childhood game of playing house and picking out the names of your firstborn boy and girl, your story of motherhood begins to form. But how do you know if you are ready?

Have you been making the proper preparations? Do you know all of the “tricks” to getting pregnant? Have you decided to visit a fertility specialist? When is the best time to get pregnant? The questions that begin to swarm inside of your mind are endless.

These tips have helped many women in their trek, no matter what leg of the journey they may be on.

Talk to your tribe –

Yes, it may seem daunting, even scary, to ask friends and family for their opinion, but experienced mothers, women who are in the same stage as yourself, and your inner circle can offer advice and support. Plus, you can ask all of the questions that Google wasn’t able to elaborate on!

Have a Preconception Check Up –

Doctors say that women who are thinking of getting pregnant should have a comprehensive physical exam to ensure not only their own health, but also the health of the baby. There are several things to do (and stop doing) prior to conception. To name a few, stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption, start taking vitamins and folic acid, stop eating raw seafood and start managing your weight and blood sugar levels. At your checkup, ask about any health concerns you may have.

Research Fertility Tools and Products –

There are many fertility products to help couples conceive naturally. Fairhaven Health has everything from fertility boosters for both men and women, to fertility tea and ovarian health supplements. Many women also swear by tracking ovulation with a fertility calendar. Whatever tools you may find useful, check with your physician first for drug interactions and precautions before attempting to get pregnant. 

Reduce Stress and Enjoy the Process –

When you’re trying to get pregnant there is of course the pressure and stress associated with trying to conceive and embarking into the unknown. Try to relax, enjoy the experience and remember you are creating a child out of love! You will want to look back at this part of motherhood and have fond thoughts. Plus while you are trying you can make it a fun activity instead of a chore. Set up a date night with your partner, get crafty and try to conceive in a new setting (i.e. the kitchen instead of the bedroom) or plan a romantic getaway where making a baby is secondary! Don’t overthink it; just have fun!

If you are feeling discouraged or anxious, just remember, for thousands of years, women have been on the pregnancy journey without the help of modern medicine, tools or technology. But if you have been trying for over a year, it may be time to consult with a fertility specialist. Whether you are thinking about becoming a mother, trying to conceive, have just found out that you’re pregnant or have lost a child, everyone has a story.

To read more on fertility and trying to conceive, visit Fairhaven Health's website.

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