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Fertility in this Generation

by Jennifer McLaughlin

In your 40’s…

While many women in the US are deciding to wait until their 30’s to have kids, around 20% are waiting until your 40’s. Many celebrities, and probably people you know, have tried and do conceive at this age with little or no complications, but there are some additional factors to take into consideration. In addition to IVF and fertility treatments, there are several ways to make getting pregnant easier at this time.

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  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor for a full health exam and to address any concerns you may have.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle (i.e. limit caffeine and alcohol intake, exercise and eat healthy).
  • Track your ovulation and menstrual cycle with helpful tools.
  • Stay positive and manage your stress – an important factor for your overall health and wellness!

Maturity, success in your career, and timing all play a part in your decision to start or postpone family planning. Whatever choice you make, your journey to motherhood will be a personal one and luckily, in this generation, whatever you choose to do is now considered “the norm”.

Jennifer is a former special education teacher and mentor. She obtained her bachelor's degree at Kent State University in Ohio. She enjoys dancing, reading and spending time training her dog, BrunoMars. 

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